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Wound healing

BIOPHARM GmbH’s unique Growth Factor Technology Platform enables new advanced applications using its tailor-made drug design which provides significant benefits over existing growth factors currently available on the market.

Efficient treatment of superficial skin lesions (e.g. diabetic ulcer, burns) in order to achieve a successful regeneration of tissue still represents a prevalent subject in medicinal routine. The incorporation of active Human Growth Factor into the fibers of a bioresorbable 3D scaffold based on the reliable nonwoven technology ScaffoleneTM of Freudenberg New Technologies offers an innovative new approach. A controlled local release of the growth factor with its well-characterised mode-of-action by diffusion and degradation of the elastic and shapeable scaffold allows a direct causal therapy approach instead of the mere symptomatic relief.

Pre-clinical proof-of-concept of this innovative approach has recently been generated through a mini-pig wound healing model in cooperation with the University of Tübingen (Center for Regenerative Medicine). This model demonstrated a significantly improved quality of wound closure (epidermal thickness and epidermal cell count) of superfiscial wounds treated with Human Growth Factor GDF-5 and Scaffolene and a better organized regeneration of the epithelial skin layers, less prominence of inflammation in the skin area of concern and an overall improved healing process.

Through the combination of two cutting-edge technology platforms, BIOPHARM GmbH’s Growth Factor Technology Platform and Freudenberg New Technologies nonwoven ScaffoleneTM fabrics, new promising pathways for medicinal product development have become available.


We are now looking for an opportunity to license out this product for further clinical development and commercialization.Please contact us for additional information.