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BIOPHARM GmbH’s unique Growth Factor Technology Platform offers advanced solutions in regenerative medicine using its tailor-made drug design providing significant benefits over existing growth factor products currently available on the market.

According to WHO the gradual deterioration of bone microarchitecture, osteoporosis, represents one of the ten most widespread diseases in modern times. A concurrent demographic aging renders appropriate and cost-efficient treatment solutions highly sought after. The therapy of osteoporosis-derived effects such as vertebral fractures through vertobroplastics or kyphoplastics usually involves an injection of unnaturally solid polymethyl methacrylate-based bone cement into the affected vertebral body which might promote material-based fractures of adjacent vertebrae.

The introduction of the newest family member of our Technology Platform, growth factor BB-1, yielded a new candidate growth factor which demonstrated dramatically increased bone-inducing potential on fractures compared to other known human growth factors. Our current developmental project in cooperation with the University of Jena (Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Materials Science) involves the combination of our osteoinducing high-potential growth factor BB-1 with a novel biocompatible and – more emphasized – bioresorbable bone cement based on calcium phosphate for direct application to vertebral bodies damaged by osteoporosis. Substantial benefits of this approach should include the growth factor-promoted reorganization and stabilization of the weakened bone structure during resorption of the cement.

A pre-clinical model of this combined product concept involving 60 merino sheeps has been recently completed. This innovative approach of Biopharm GmbH has been awarded by the Germany Ministry of Education and Research through a grant under the program "KMU-Innovativ".

Through this interplay of two promising approaches, BIOPHARM GmbH’s Growth Factor Technology Platform candidate BB-1 and a novel bioresorbable bone cement, an efficient and economically reasonable product strategy has come to life.