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Fracture Healing / Long Bone Reconstruction

Our growth factor mutant BB-1 mediated enhanced reconstruction of long bone architecture  combining positive features of previously used growth factors.

The latest innovation of the BIOPHARM Growth Factor Platform Technology, the proprietary growth factor BB-1, has been reviewed in the publication “Enhanced reconstruction of long bone architecture by a growth factor mutant combining positive features of GDF-5 and BMP-2”, published by Kleinschmidt et al. in Biomaterials 34 (2013). The review demonstrates that BB-1, a recently patented Growth Factor developed by BIOPHARM, shows a superior bone growth potential over currently available bone morphogenic proteins.

In a project with the Heidelberg University Hospital, our growth factor BB-1 mediated early long bone formation with a reconnected medullar cavity. BB-1 treated defects were bridged 100% (9/9) 4 weeks post surgery, while only 33% (3/9) of BMP-2 treated defects were bridged with mineralized tissue:

Bone Repair with Biopharms Growth Factor

We are now looking for an opportunity to license out this product for further clinical development and commercialization.Please contact us for additional information.