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Parkinson disease

Thanks to its  Growth-Factor platform, Biopharm has shown that rhGDF-5 protects nigrostriatal dopaminergic  neurons in vivo.

In the left side image, the figure shows a PET image of rat brain treated with 100 µg rhGDF-5 prior to 6-OHDA injection into the left striatum. The white areas suggest good preservation of dopamine uptake. In the GDF-5 treated brain, the white signal is symmetrical (typical of normal brain).

In the right side is the result of liquid chromatographical analysis of striatal dopamine content. Open bars denote right striata and hatched bars left striata. In 6-OHDA-only rats, there was a large depletion of dopamine in the left striata. In contrast, dopamine levels were largely spared in GDF-5 rats.

The conclusion of this study (in vivo) shows that delayed administration of GDF-5 is helpful to protect slowly degenerating nerve fibers of the substantia nigra! That also means a delayed administration of GDF-5 is effective in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Another advantage of this solution is that intranasal delivery of GDF-5 bypasses the blood-brain barrier.

Intranasal administration of GDF-5 resulted in significant midbrain concentrations already after 18 min (Hanson et al. 2004). Neuroprotective effects of GDF-5 have been demonstrated at similar concentrations (Krieglstein et al., 1995). This means delivery within minutes for a therapeutic solution!

We are now looking for an opportunity to license out this product for further clinical development and commercialization. Please contact us for additional information.