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Seminars in Spine Surgery. 2006; 18:26-32.

Growth and Differentiation Factor-5: New Frontiers to Bone Repair and Spinal Fusion.

By: Holy C, Volenec FJ, Pohl J, Bechtold R und Bruder SP.

Recombinant human growth/differentiation factor-5 is a novel bioactive currently in clinical trials. This growth factor was discovered in 1992 and underwent significant preclinical evaluation, as described herein. It was implanted, lyophilized on a mineralized collagen strip- in spinal and long-bone defects, in animal ranging from rats to nonhuman primates. Bone formation resulting from the use of this growth factor was found in all cases to be at least equivalent to that observed with autograft. In addition, saline solutions of this bioactive successfully restored disc height in rabbit models. This new molecule may therefore open new therapeutic avenues for spine regeneration.

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