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Orthop├Ąde. 2004 Jan;33(1):68-75.

Growth and differentiation factor 5 (GDF-5) composite improves the healing of necrosis of the femoral head in a sheep model. Analysis of an animal model. [Article in German]

By: Simank HG, Herold F, Schneider M, Maedler U, Ries R, Sergi C.


After creation of necrosis in 23 sheep, the composites were implanted in half of the animals. The animals were sacrificed 6 and 12 weeks after implantation and the femora were harvested. The specimens were investigated by microradiography, computed tomography, and histologically.


The GDF-5 composites were effective in the necrosis model. Osseous regeneration of the necrosis and the drill track were accelerated and enhanced by the composites. In treated animals the necrosis was nearly healed and the drill track was filled with bone after 12 weeks. In the control group the track was partially filled with fibrous tissue and necrotic lesions were still present. Specific side effects of the growth factor or the matrix were not documented. This was documented by histological scoring and CT investigation.


The application of an absorbable GDF-5 composite in combination with a core decompression procedure may enhance the healing of devitalized bone defects and is a promising approach for further studies.

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