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Brain Res. 1999; 818: 176-179.

Neuroprotective effects of GDF-5 in various regions of the brain.

By: Sullivan AM, Opacka-Juffry J, Pohl J, Blunt SB.

Growth/differentiation factor 5 (GDF-5) is a neurotrophin which protects the rat nigrostriatal dopaminergic pathway from 6-hydroxydopamine-induced damage.
Here we used amphetamine-induced rotational testing, high-performance liquid chromatography and immunocytochemistry to investigate the minimum effective dose of GDF-5.
We also compared the effectiveness of injecting GDF-5 into either the substantia nigra pars compacta (SNpc), the lateral ventricle (LV) or the striatum (or combinations of these sites).

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