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BIOforum. 1996; 19, 355-356 & 425-426.

Viral Expression systems for recombinant proteins.

By: Pohl J, Krack W, Scheffner B, Kron R.

The biological activity of several secreted recombinant proteins depends on complex folding and dimerization with other proteins. Since bacterial expressed proteins do not fulfill these requirements, in those cases one has to use eucaryotic expression systems. Usually, stably transformed cells are selected for high productivity. Prior to a decision for a cell line, it is wise to test the expression level, the correct folding and the glycosylation pattern of the desired protein. These tests can be carried out using viral expression systems, which induce high expression level without longlasting selection procedures. Cells found in these tests to be optimal, can be used for the establishment of a production cell line.

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